Registration and Calendar for Library Events and Classes

October 19  Building with Lincoln Logs (ages 4-7)
October 23  Storytime Registration begins
October 23  Reading Buddies(K-5th grade)
October 24  Peaceful Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle Meetup (adults)
October 24  Ghostly Gathering (age 8 and up)
October 25  Mr. Roy’s Family Music (newborn to age 4) 10 a.m. class full
October 25  Mr. Roy’s Family Music (newborn to age 4) 11 a.m. class full
October 25  Chess Club (age 8 and up)
October 25  A Night of Shared Stories (adults and teens)
October 26  Art Class: Leaf Paintings with Lori Arbel (adults)
October 26  Halloween Spooktacular (ages 3-7)
October 28  Potluck Social & Recipe Exchange (adults)
October 28  Afternoon Film & Discussion: Sleepwalk with Me (adults)
October 30  Arts, Books and Culture Discussion Group
October 30  Reading Buddies (K-5th grade)
November 1    Building with Lincoln Logs (ages 4-7)
November 1    TED Talk Screening & Discussion: "Do Schools Kill Creativity?"
November 2-4  Used Book Fair
November 4    All Booked Up Book Discussion Group: Thank You for Your Service by David Finkel
November 4    Artist's Reception with Vivian Hernandez
November 4    Writing Buddies (K-5th grade)
November 6    Knit ‘N’ Knowledge
November 6    Reading Buddies (K-5th grade)
November 7    Game Squad (age 7 and up)
November 8    Chess Club (age 8 and up)
November 8    Healthy Lifestyle: Update on ADHD & Autism Spectrum Disorders
November 9    Bricks ‘N’ Books (age 6 and up)
November 13  Reading Buddies (K-5th grade)
November 14  Adult Coloring Book Art
November 15  Teen Writers Roundtable (middle school & high school)
November 16  “Complicit” Film Screening & Filmmaker Talk Back
November 18  Building with Lincoln Logs (ages 4-7)
November 18  Afternoon Board Games (adults)
November 20  Reading Buddies (K-5th)
November 20  Peaceful Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle Meetup (adults)
November 21  Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (age 5 and up)
November 22  Kids’ Coloring
November 27  Reading Buddies (K-5th)
November 27  Arts, Books and Culture Discussion Group
November 28  Adult Craft: Collage Trinket Boxes
November 29  Chess Club (age 8 and up)
November 29  Authors Celebrate Jewish Book Month