Readers Advisory Links

Find Something to Read

Not sure of what to read next? Use these resources to find a new book or author.

All Consuming

On All Consuming, you can track and talk about the books, movies, music, food, and other items that interest you. By marking products on whether you have, will, or are consuming them, you can receive suggestions and give suggestions on products to consume.

Books & Authors

Book fans know the feeling: finishing a thrilling novel or an engaging nonfiction work and wanting to sustain that momentum to the next book. But what is that next book? Books & Authors is specially designed to complement the browsing habits of today's Web user, integrating easy-to-follow menus that allow users to broaden and narrow their searches according to author, title, series, awards and other criteria. An "if you like" search connects readers to themes and genres that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Note: This is a Library Database and you may be prompted to log in using your Library card number.

Complete Review

Complete Review is a selectively comprehensive, objectively opinionated survey of books old and new, trying to meet all your book review, preview, and information needs.

Email Book Club

Every day, Monday through Friday, you will receive in your email a five-minute selection from a chapter of a book. By the end of the week, you’ll have read 2-3 chapters. Every Monday a new book begins. Sign up and start reading.

Fiction L

Fiction L is an electronic mailing list devoted to readers' advisory topics such as book discussions, book talks, collection development issues, book lists and bibliographies, and a wide variety of other topics of interest to librarians, book discussion leaders, and others with an interest in reader advisories.

Library Thing

In Library Thing, you can enter what you're reading or your whole library - it is an easy, library-quality catalog. Library Thing also connects you with people who read the same thing. You can get recommendations and put your books on the blog.


NoveList effectively connects readers to their next book by making recommendations for what to read next. Recommendations are connected to every single title, author, and series record. Appeal terms are used to strengthen searches. All the recommendations include an explanation as to why a particular selection would be appealing to the reader. You will find descriptions and recommendations for both fiction and narrative nonfiction titles and for all ages from the youngest readers to adults. Note: This is a Library Database and you may be prompted to log in using your Library card number.

Random House Reader's Circle

The Random House Reader's Circle provides hundreds of titles with reading guides.

Readers Advisory Link Farm

At the Readers Advisory Link Farm, links run the gamut from historical fiction to romance and graphic novels.

Simon Says Reading Guides

Simon Says is the Simon and Schuster reader's guide list.

Talk It Up

Talk It Up is a website for book discussion groups for kids provided by the Multnomah County Library. It is a great site to find children's books.


TeenFire is a space where teens can log on and interact with each other, as well as with published authors and YA editors. By registering on the site, teens can create their own pages and customize them with photos, text, videos, and apps. Wherever they are, they can stay connected to the latest news in Young Adult literature. They can invite their friends and update their twitter feeds directly from TeenFire.

Vintage Reading Group Guide Center

The Vintage Reading Group Guide Center provides reading guides for many books available in paperback.


Whichbook is a completely new way to find books you might like to read. Whichbook lets you build a description of the kind of books you like and then matches that description against the books in the database. Your description can be built on your choice of moods or on specific plot elements. The books that most closely match your requirements are then returned as a list.